Thank You

Dear One

Thank you for being part of a time honored tradition of honoring spiritual organizations by supporting their work with donations. This is called seva in sansksrit and it means selfless service freely given to God and community without any thought of reward. Seva is a form of spiritual practice. We are grateful for your tax deductible donation to Siddha Ashram Center. Your selfless service makes our work possible. The Non-profit ID to be used on your tax forms is ID#46-3688435

This donation is used to cover the many charitable expenses of Siddha Ashram Center. These include educational Projects, building fund for development of US Wellness/Retreat Center, Special Projects via Siddha Ashram Ujjain, India, SwamiJi’s visa and travel expenses.

If you would like to contact Siddha Ashram Center, please email us at:

Siddha Ashram Center

Siddha Ashram Center (SAC), a Non Profit 501c3, is dedicated to providing a peaceful natural environment for people from all walks of life to learn, experience, and practice yogic meditation and lifestyle wellness disciplines to enrich spiritual development and maintain a healthy body and peaceful mind.