Satsang is to be in the company of the highest truth. Satsang happens through the presence and blessings of the teacher, and it arises when any gathering of individuals listen to, talk about, and desire to live in the truth.

Satsang with Swami Nardanand, a fully realized Siddha Master, can take place anytime, anywhere and in different forms. All these forms are the spontaneously arising of sat-chit-ananda (truth-consciouness-bliss), our true nature. Satsang with Swamiji can be, if the student and teacher are prepared, an initiation into the awakening of our inner creative divine potential called Shakti. It is a time for teaching, discussion and questions.

Satsang can simply be enjoying the peaceful energy which is the natural state of a realized Master. Swami Nardanand lives his teachings. To be in his presence is to be enveloped in bliss. Over time, the truth of our highest reality begins to arise spontaneously within us. Hear Swamiji reciting holy prayers and experience his presence.

One mark of an authentic spiritual community is when satsang arises spontaneously in the relationships among the students. As we come to recognize ourselves and others as divine beings and learn to live on a spiritual level, we begin to see and acknowledge the divinity in others. This is the meaning of the Indian greeting “Namaste”, “The divine in me is acknowledging and respecting the divine in you.”

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