Characteristics of an authentic guru—Swami Nardanand through the eyes of a seeker

Swami Nardanand comes from a lineage of adepts remarkable for their purity and degree of spiritual realization. Here is a description of SwamiJi through the eyes of a life-long seeker and disciple: “Swami Nardanand is a remarkable spiritual teacher. He does everything to help his students be happy and free. He travels the world tirelessly spreading Shaktipat to all those that seek freedom, always remaining humble and kind. He uses his resources to build an ashram so that his students can have places to meditate to accelerate their spiritual advancement, free from the encumbrances of the world. And such places he has built! A meditation dome unique in the world that palpably circulates one’s spiritual currents; a womb-like cave covered in sandstone, free of dust and so comforting in its quiet darkness.

When his students are hungry he cooks for them. If they need a blanket he will give his own. He counsels his students and listens when they cry. He laughs with them when they are happy. Yet remains detached at all times. He is like a cooling breeze or running water, quenching the thirst of those who seek but in itself, ungraspable and free. He blesses us with Shaktipat. The only system I have found (after 25 years of trying) that awakens a profound inner guidance. A guidance that leads one to freedom through the path of ever-increasing consciousness and bliss. This guidance ultimately makes the need for an outer spiritual teacher unnecessary, so that finally all of his students are free, happy and free.”

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