General Retreat Info


On the first morning of the retreat, the Divine Blessing is bestowed by Swami Nardanand.  The experience of this blessing is deepened as we surrender to our own higher consciousness, our own divinity arising from within during our meditations.

Throughout the retreat, SwamiJi will give talks with plenty of time to ask questions to clarify the teachings and understanding of our experiences.  The manifestations of this divine blessing are unique to each of us and this process encourages independence and curiosity regarding our individual spiritual journey.  SwamiJi teaches that our divine nature is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and thus knows exactly what we need to be healthy and happy. Once the divine connection is made, our highest self can lead and guide our spiritual process and daily life. When a spiritual awakening occurs, a person’s life is changed forever. 

The aim of Siddha Ashram Center retreats is to encourage a healthy body, mind and spirit so we can live a wholesome life filled with bliss, as that is our true nature. We have unlimited happiness and peace, inside us. However, often we are focused on our external world and conditioned to think everything we need is outside of ourselves. We suffer because we become attached to these things.  The Divine Awakening Blessing will start the spontaneous process where we begin to look inward for our highest fulfillment.

We respect and welcome people of all faiths who share the common foundation of unconditional love. We share this goal. We believe in empowering people to be spiritually independent. There is nothing to attach to outside of ourselves as we believe everything we need is within each of us. “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). The philosophy of this organization is based on the ancient Vedic teachings whose foundation is the concept of Namaste – the ancient Vedic greeting that recognizes the divine in each of us.